Enabling SAP GUI for HTML applications for functional testing

Objects in SAP GUI for HTML applications contain many dynamically-changing properties, for example .url, .href, and .id. While playing back functional test scripts against these applications, the value of one or more object recognition properties may change causing a high ScriptAssure score that results in script failure. HCL OneTest™ UI provides a mechanism to convert the recognition property value to a regular expression for those values that change dynamically. Finding each object's dynamic recognition property and converting it into a regular expression becomes cumbersome while testing SAP GUI for HTML applications.


Perform the following tasks to make it easier for testing SAP GUI for HTML applications:

  1. Create a backup of the CustomObjectRecProp.rftop file available in the customization folder. The folder is available at C:\ProgramData\HCL\HOTUI\customization in Windows and at /etc/opt/HCL/HOTUI/customization in Linux.
  2. Rename the CustomObjectRecProp_MySAP.rftop file to CustomObjectRecProp.rftop in the customization folder.
  3. Modify the ScriptAssure values to reduce the number of warnings and errors thrown during script playback.
    1. Open the Preferences window in HCL OneTest UI. Click Windows > Preferences in the Eclipse IDE and Tools > Options in the Visual Studio IDE.
    2. Expand Functional Test, and expand Playback. Click Script Assure (TM) option and click Advanced.
    3. Set the Last chance recognition score to 30000 and Warn if accepted score is greater than to 20000
    • If script execution still fails due to dynamically-changing recognition property values, use the regular expression mechanism to fix the issue. For more information, see the Regular expression topic.
    • To test any other applications other than SAP GUI for HTML applications, use the backup copy of CustomObjectRecProp.rftop and use the default ScriptAssure values. For more information, see Using Script Assure topic