Viewing trace files within HCL OneTest UI

You can view HCL OneTest™ UI trace files in the HCL OneTest UI integrated development environment (IDE) Error Log view.

Before you begin

Complete these steps:
  1. Set the preferences for trace files in the Logging and Tracing page. Click Window > Preferences, expand Functional Test in the left pane, and then click Logging and Tracing.
  2. Enable the generation of trace files by selecting the Enable Tracing check box
  3. Enable the generation of trace files in the Eclipse error log format (.log) by selecting the Generate traces in Eclipse error log format check box.
  4. Specify other details for the trace files, such as the level of detail, allowable file size, number of files to be retained, and the location where the trace files should be stored, and save your settings.

About this task

HCL OneTest UI trace files contain debug information which you can use to troubleshoot problems you encounter. You can configure HCL OneTest UI to generate trace files in the .txt format, or the Eclipse error log (.log) format. Only trace files generated in the .log format can be imported into the Eclipse Error Log view within HCL OneTest UI. After importing the .log trace file into the Error Log view, you can work with the data using Eclipse log filtering operations.


  1. In HCL OneTest UI, click Window > Show View, and then click Other.
  2. In the Show View dialog box, expand General, and click Error Log. The Error Log view is displayed as a tab in HCL OneTest UI.
  3. In the Error Log view, click the Import Log icon.
  4. Navigate to the directory where the trace files are stored, and select the trace file (rft_trace.log) to import. The trace file details are shown in the Error Log view.
  5. You can use the Eclipse filter operations to work with the trace data. Right-click a trace data item to open the Log Filters dialog box. You can filter event types, limit the number of visible items in the log, filter events from the most recent session, and enable filters to hide stack trace elements.