No Customization directory is specified.


The Customization directory is not specified. For Windows the registry settings and for Unix the environment variable is not set correctly.

System action

An exception is logged in HCL OneTest™ UI debug file.

User response

Depending on your operating system, complete one of these tasks:
  • For Windows environment check the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\HCL Technologies\HCL OneTest UI\HCL FT Customization Directory customization directory and verify that it is set properly.
  • For the Unix environment check the environment variable HCL_FT_CUSTOMIZATION_DIRECTORY is properly set.
You can also check the error details in the debug file. To enable the debug file:
  1. Open the file located at
  2. Set rational.test.ft.debug.enabled=true
  3. Set rational.test.ft.debug.filter=default,1
  4. Save the file and open HCL OneTest UI.