Clipped screen rectangle is empty.


When a clipped rectangle of the control is empty, such a situation indicates that the control is completely clipped by a clipping parent. Because the clipped rectangle is empty, HCL OneTest™ UI cannot perform input actions such as click and so on. The clipped rectangle returns the clipped-screen rectangle for the associated control relative to the top-left corner of the screen. Although getScreenRectangle() returns the true rectangle of the control, this method clips the true screen rectangle to the bounds of any clipping parent control. Clipping parents such as scroll panes or a browser window, may hide part or all of the true screen rectangle. Only the screen-level viewable rectangle is returned, null if the object is not showing, or is completely clipped by a clipping parent.

System action

Playback stops and the message is displayed in HCL OneTest UI console and in the playback log.

User response

Ensure that the control is not completely clipped by its clipping parent. If you are taking a screen snapshot, make sure that the control is not clipped by its parent at all.