The MXML file cannot be compiled into a .swf file.


An error message is displayed while compiling mxml to swf at the command prompt.

System action

During compilation, the MXML file is compiled with Flex automation libraries and HCL OneTest™ UI Flex libraries. The corresponding .swf file is generated and is tested by HCL OneTest UI. With the .swf file, a batch file, and an HTML page is also generated that corresponds to the MXML file. When compilation fails, the JRE and, the .swf file cannot be generated.

User response

Ensure that the JAVA_HOME variable is set. Run the batch file generated during compilation at the Adobe command prompt to generate the .swf file and use it for testing purpose. You can run the batch file at the Microsoft Windows command prompt to get the details of the error that occurred and take appropriate action based on that information.