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Lesson 2: Configure the Flex application

In this lesson, you use the Flex user interface to setup the configuration parameters for the Flex application.

About this task

To configure the Flex application:


  1. Click Configure > Configure Applications for Testing.
  2. Click Add in the Application Configuration Tool window.
  3. Select Flex Application, and click Next.
  4. Select Configure Flex application setup, and click Next.
  5. Click Local Application.
  6. Specify the Flex application parameters:
    1. Select the required Flex version from Flex SDKs list.
    2. Select Compile-time from the Enablement type list.
    3. Click Browse to select the Flex application in .as or .mxml format.
    4. Select Dependency Files check box, if required.
    5. Click Add and browse to the dependency files.
    6. Select Additional Libraries check box.
    7. Click Add and browse to the libraries.
    8. Click Browse and select the SWF target location.
    9. Select the Generate HTML Page checkbox, and click Finish.


The selected Flex application and its detailed information is displayed in the Application Configuration Tool window. Pass the generated HTML page to the tester to test the HTML page using HCL OneTest™ UI.
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