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Lesson 2: Security settings for Flex 4.0 applications

In this lesson, you specify security settings for Flex 4.0 applications.

About this task

Use this lesson only if you are testing Flex 4.0 applications. This lesson is not required if you are testing Flex 3.x applications.

To specify security settings for Flex 4.0 applications:


  1. Open the Flex application in Flash Player, in your browser.
  2. Right-click the application and select Settings to access Settings Manager.
  3. Select the Privacy tab.
  4. Click Advanced. Adobe Flash Player launches a new browser window and loads the Settings Manager help page.
  5. Click Global Security Settings panel link. The Global Security Settings window opens.
  6. Add your application directory into secured or trusted directory. In the Always trust files in these locations drop down menu, click Add location. Browse for the location.
    Note: For more information about setting the security configuration, see the Adobe website.
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