Sample response file

You can use the sample response file in this topic to install HCL OneTest™ UI. You must modify the parameter values for your installation environment. For instructions to create a response file, see Creating a response file manually.
A response file is an XML file that contains the data required to complete installation operations silently. IBM® Installation Manager uses response files to complete installation operations silently.

You can record a response file by recording preferences and installation actions in the graphical user interface of Installation Manager. Alternatively, you can create a response file manually by using the documented list of response file commands and preferences.

You can use one response file to install, update, or uninstall multiple products. For more information about response files, see the response file section in the Installation Manager information center.

Sample response file for installing HCL OneTest UI

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<variable name='sharedLocation' value='C:\Program Files\HCL\HCLIMShared'/>
<repository location='C:\HOTUI921\Disk1'/>
<profile id='HCL Products' installLocation='C:\Program Files\HCL\HCLOneTest'>
<data key='cic.selector.arch' value='x86_64'/>
<data key='user.RPT_MX_VALUE' value='-Xmx4095m'/>
<data key='user.RPT_MX_VALUE_ORACLE' value='-Xmx4095m'/>
<data key='' value='Oracle Corporation'/>
<data key='user.sdp.path' value='C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_181'/>
<data key='user.javaw' value='javaw.exe'/>
<data key='' value='1.8.0_181'/>
<data key='user.checkConfigJava' value='true'/>
<data key='' value='C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_181\bin\java.exe'/>
<data key='' value='64'/>
<!-- HCL OneTest™ UI 9.2.1 -->
<offering profile='HCL Products' id='com.hcl.onetest.ui' version='9.2.100.FTOdevelop_HCL-I20180910_1325' features=',,,,,,'/>
<preference name='' value='${sharedLocation}'/>
<preference name='' value='true'/>

Required parameters to modify

Based on your installation setup, you must edit parameters in your response file. The following tables show the parameters to modify.
Table 1. Parameters that must be modified based on your installation setup
Attributes Description
acceptLicense After you read and agree to the license terms, set the acceptLicense attribute value to 'true'.
repository location Specify the path of the HCL OneTest UI repository (disk1).
profile installLocation and id Specify the HCL OneTest UI installation location.
features Specify the features that you want to install with the Java scripting. Possible values:
  • To install the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2015 Integration feature of HCL OneTest UI.
  • To install the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2017 Integration feature of HCL OneTest UI.
  • To install the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2019 Integration feature of HCL OneTest UI.
    Note: You can only install one version of Microsoft Visual Studio Integration at a time.
Note: For information about the features and the prerequisites, see HCL OneTest UI installation features.