User privileges requirements

You must have a user ID that meets the following requirements before you can install HCL OneTest™ UI.
  • Your user ID must not contain double-byte characters.
  • For Windows, the user privileges required for installing depend on the version of Windows on your computer:
    • For Microsoft Windows, you must log in to the Administrator account (or run as Administrator; right-click the program file or shortcut and select Run as Administrator) to perform the following tasks:
      • Install or update IBM® Installation Manager
      • Install or update a product offering
      • Install a license key for your product by using IBM Installation Manager
      Note: To enable users who are not the Administrator to work with HCL OneTest UI on a Windows Vista system:
      • Do not install HCL OneTest UI into a package group (installation location) in the Program Files directory (C:\Program Files\) and do not choose a shared resources directory in the Program Files directory.
      • If you are extending an existing Eclipse installation, then do not install Eclipse in the Program Files directory (C:\Program Files\).
  • For Linux: You must be able to log in as root.
    Note: On Ubuntu, you must ensure that the environment variables that are set while installing the products are retained when you open HCL OneTest UI and the application-under-test.
  • If you log on as a non-administrator user, you can run HCL OneTest UI and also test applications. Administrator access is only required for installing HCL OneTest UI.