Understanding proxies

A proxy object implements the prescribed HCL OneTest™ UI interface for a UI control in the application under test (AUT). When you enable your application for testing, the proxy classes are loaded into the application and become part of it. A proxy object wraps around the actual control (the native object) in your application, making it testable in HCL OneTest UI. It is a connection point between the TestObject and the real control (object) being tested at the AUT.

A proxy class is created as a Java™ or C# class depending on the proxy framework that you use and contains information such as how to interact with an object in a particular test domain. The base class for all proxies is ProxyTestObject. ProxyObjects are developed exclusively for a UI control or group of UI controls that require similar functional testing capabilities. They belong to the same UI framework (test domains) in HCL OneTest UI.