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Introduction: Develop proxies with Proxy SDK wizards

This module demonstrates how you can use the Proxy SDK Wizards to create proxy classes, map controls to the proxy, create template proxy code, and deploy the proxy. This works only in case of domain extensions implemented in Java™. Using the export and import options available in the Proxy SDK Wizards, you can create a proxy package and automate the deployment and loading of the proxy in HCL OneTest™ UI respectively.

Learning objectives

This tutorial is divided into six lessons. In the tutorial you learn to extend Functional Tester capabilities by using the Proxy SDK wizard to test the custom control. In this tutorial you learn to perform these tasks:
  • Record a functional test script
  • Create a proxy project
  • Create a proxy class and build it
  • Export the proxy package
  • Import the proxy package
  • Verify the custom proxy

Time required

This tutorial requires approximately 30 minutes to finish. If you explore other concepts that are related to this tutorial, it might take longer to complete.

Skill level



This tutorial is intended for advanced users who are familiar with HCL OneTest UI Proxy SDK and who have knowledge of Java programming.
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