Lesson 7: Associating the datapool with the test

By default, at run time, the data pool values are accessed sequentially. You can specify whether the test uses the data pool values randomly or in a shuffled manner. If you have a long list of data pool values that are used by multiple tests from the same workspace, you can share a data pool.

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To associate the datapool with the test:

  1. In the ibm-web-purchase test script, select the test step where you enter ‘rational test workbench’ in the Search field.
  2. In the User Action Details section, right-click ‘rational test workbench’ and click Substitute > Select Data SourceSubstitute data source.
  3. In the Select Data Source dialog box, click Datapool.
  4. Select the datapool that you created and click the ProductName column. Click Finish.Select datapool column
  5. Select the ProductName check box and click Select.Select data source
  6. You are prompted to do more substitutions. Click Cancel. Note that the color of ‘rational test workbench’ value has now changed to green. This change indicates that the value is substituted.
  7. Repeat these steps for the other occurrence of ‘Rational Test Workbench’ in the test script.
  8. To save the changes, press Ctrl + S.


You have learned how to associate the test values with the datapool values. Your test will now run with substituted values during the search for a product.

In the next lesson, you will create a compound test and run the two test scripts in sequence.