Summary: Getting started with the Web UI Testing

In this tutorial, you learned how to record a test, modify it by creating a data pool and associating it with the test, adding a verification point, adding a loop, running a test, and viewing test results. You also learned how to break a single test into smaller tests that can be run as part of a compound test.
Lessons learned
By completing this tutorial/module, you learned how to:
  • Record a test
  • Add a verification point
  • Run the test
  • View the test results
  • Modularize the test script
  • Abstract data by using a data pool
  • Associate the data pool with the test
  • Run multiple test scripts in a sequence
  • Add a loop
Additional resources
If you want to learn more about the topics covered in this tutorial, see the Testing with Web UI Test perspective section of the HCL OneTest™ UI Help.