Running HCL OneTest API tests

You can use HCL OneTest™ UI Extension for HCL OneTest API to run HCL OneTest API tests.

You can install both the products on the same machine, establish the connection, and run HCL OneTest API tests. See Testing with HCL OneTest API.

You also have the option to just import the projects to HCL OneTest Performance HCL OneTest API, add the tests to a compound test to run them. You can either use HCL OneTest Performance Agent or HCL OneTest API Agent to generate the load. You need a compound test that contains the HCL OneTest API tests.

Setting environment variable

To run the tests with HCL OneTest API Agent, set the environment variable INTEGRATION_TESTER_AGENT_HOME and point it to the HCL OneTest API Agent installation directory.

On Windows, set:
On Linux, set:

If the variable is not set, you will get a test log with error message when the compound test is run.

Error message when the environment variable is not set

Running the compound test

  • Click Run Compound Test.

    After the run completes, the HCL OneTest API report displays statistics on the executed sequences and Timed Sections if some are defined in the tests.

Overall page of the report