Rational Quality Manager integration overview

To run tests from IBM® Rational® Quality Manager, you must configure the adapter that is installed by default when you install the product.

The adapter can be run in three modes:

Note: The term test workbench refers to either HCL OneTest™ Performance, Rational Service Tester for SOA Quality, or HCL OneTest Studio.

Using Rational Quality Manager

See the Rational Quality Manager Knowledge Center for detailed information about using Rational Quality Manager.

Viewing results

When you run a test script from Rational Quality Manager, the default report that is displayed during a test run is attached to the Rational Quality Manager results. This report can be customized. See Customizing reports for more information.

If you use Rational Quality Manager version 4.0 or later, you can view and analyze the test reports in Rational Quality Manager. You can analyze the test reports while the test is in running state and after the run is completed. To view the test reports in Rational Quality Manager, in the Execution Results dialog box click Analyze Results Interactively using HCL OneTest Performance.
Note: To access reports from outside workbench, you must enable the remote access from workbench. For more information, see the Access reports remotely topic.

The result completion state that is reported to Rational Quality Manager reflects the overall verdict of the test log that is associated with the run. See Test log overview for more information. In many cases a test might contain a failed verification point, but still be considered as passed. View the attached report in the Rational Quality Manager execution result and set the execution results status accordingly.

You can view the full run results from within the test workbench by opening the test workbench in the workspace that is configured to be used by the adapter.

If the adapter is running from the command line or as a Windows service, stop the adapter before opening the test workbench. When the workbench is opened, you can access the full test reporting and test log capabilities. Results for runs that are initiated from Rational Quality Manager are under the Rational Quality Manager Results project.

For HCL OneTest Performance schedules, the result completion state that is reported to Rational Quality Manager is based on the overall Requirements status. Only performance and functional requirements for the last user stage that is defined in the schedule are covered by the report. If no requirements are specified, the result completion state in Rational Quality Manager is set to inconclusive. In this case, view the attached performance reports and manually set the completion state in Rational Quality Manager. See Defining requirements in schedules for more information.

Known limitations

  • Running tests from Rational Quality Manager with encrypted data pools is not supported. Password prompting when using such a dataset is not done in the adapter service or in the command-line mode. This is also discouraged in the GUI mode, because it requires user interaction with HCL OneTest Performance for a run initiated from the Rational Quality Manager Web user interface.
  • Start only one adapter per product installation on a given computer. Using multiple adapters on the same computer requires that you install each product as its own software package in its own directory. If you are running multiple adapters on the same computer, ensure that they are using different workspaces.