Testing with Rational Team Concert

You can manage test assets with Jazz™ source control management by integrating the test workbench with IBM® Rational® Team Concert™ eclipse client.


You can use Rational Team Concert eclipse client to connect to compatible Jazz servers, including Rational Team Concert servers and Rational Quality Manager servers. You must have a compatible version of Rational Team Concert server setup to use Jazz source control management. For information about compatible versions, see Software Product Compatibility Reports.

Use this feature to do these tasks:

  • Access Rational Team Concert eclipse client and Rational Quality Manager work items.
  • Manage the test assets by using Jazz source control management.

If you have installed the Rational Team Concert eclipse client, see the Getting Started section of the Rational Team Concert help to learn more about using Rational Team Concert.

To access work items, use the Work Items view in the Work Items perspective. To switch to the Work Items perspective, click Window > Open Perspective > Work Items.

Installing Rational Team Concert client

  • Download Rational Team Concert Eclipse client (Extension install) separately from the Jazz site. You must have a Jazz.net account. Register for a Jazz.net account at https://jazz.net/pub/user/register.jsp.
    Note: If you downloaded Rational Team Concert client separately, you must install it in the same package group as the test workbench.

    Both Rational Team Concert client and the test workbench must use the same workspace.