Assigning random numbers to users or clients

To assign unique random numbers to all the virtual users in a test, you can create a random number data source in the workbench. This data source will generate unique integers or floating point numbers for the users or clients. You can choose to distribute the numbers of the virtual users or clients in a uniform, normal, or negative exponential way.


  1. In the Test editor, select the root node (name of the test) and from the Test Details area, select Built-in Datasources.
  2. Select the Random Number data source and click Add Built-in Datasource.
  3. Type a name for the data source.
  4. Select how do you want to generate the numbers:
    • Uniform: Click this option to generate random numbers with a uniform distribution. Specify the minimum and maximum values for the generated numbers.
    • Normal: Click this option to generate random numbers with a normal or Gaussian distribution. Specify the average and the standard deviation for the generated numbers.
    • Negative Exponential: Click this option to generate random numbers with an exponential distribution. Specify the average for the generated numbers.
  5. Select how do you want to format the numbers. You can select Common to format the numbers in decimal or scientific notations. You can choose Custom to specify a Format mask by using the standard Java formatting syntax. The changes that you specify can be previewed in Formatted output.
  6. To substitute the built-in data source every time with a new value for the requests, select the Get new value each time used check box.