Assigning sequential numbers to users

To assign unique sequential numbers to all the virtual users in a test, you can create a sequential number data source in the workbench. This data source will generate unique integers or floating point numbers for the users.

Before you begin

You can use the sequential built-in data source option wherever data correlation substitutions are permitted, such as Transactions or Delays.

About this task

You define an initial value that should be assigned to the first virtual user and a step value that is a number by which the current value increments after each retrieval by a virtual user. If initial value is 1 and step value is 5, the workbench generates numbers in the sequence of 1, 5, 10, 15, and so on and each number is mapped to a virtual user. If a test is run on multiple agent machines, the workbench assigns a sequential value to all the users in all the agent machines.

You can also assign a full sequence of numbers of one virtual user. The sequence number increments in the request for each time the request in the multi-request generator is executed.


  1. In the Test Contents area of the test, click an element in the test where data correlation substitution is permitted, such as a transaction name or delays.
  2. In the Test Element Details area, right-click the name of the element and click Substitue > Built-in Datasources.
  3. In Built-in Datasource Selection Wizard, click Sequential Number and click Next.
  4. Assign a name for the data source.
  5. In Initial Value, type a number to be assigned to the first virtual user.
  6. In Step Value, type a number.
  7. In Formatting Options, you can format the number in the manner you want to use.
  8. Optional: To assign a full sequence of numbers to one virtual user, select the Execute for individual user check box.
  9. Optional: To substitute the built-in data source every time with a new value for the requests, select the Get new value each time used check box.
  10. Click Finish.
  11. Save and run the test.


After you add the test to a schedule and run the schedule, the test log displays each element name where the data source is applied with the unique sequential number assigned to the virtual user.