Associating a dataset with the test

You associate a dataset with the data in the steps of a recorded test. For instance, you record a page to create a user and the data that you enter could be user name, gender, and age. When playing back the test, you can vary the data by associating the test with a dataset.

About this task

The dataset can be associated to a single test. To enable the dataset values to be picked up by multiple tests in the schedule or compound test, add a Dataset Mapper to the schedule or compound test. See Adding Dataset Mapper.

After the test recording stops, the tool automatically identifies potential dataset candidates and prompts a dialog box for you to view them. The dataset candidates are highlighted in light-green.


To associate a dataset with a test:

  1. In the User Action Details section of the test editor, right-click a value that you want to associate with the dataset and click Substitute > Select Data Source.
  2. In the Select Data Source dialog box, click Dataset.
  3. Select a dataset and a column to associate with and click Finish.
  4. Select the dataset column checkbox again and click Select.
  5. You are prompted to do more substitutions. Click Cancel. Note that the color of value has now changed to dark green. This change indicates that the value is substituted.
  6. To save the changes, press Ctrl + S.

What to do next

You can now include the test or steps in a test to a loop so that the test iterates over the values in the dataset. For information about setting different iteration options for a loop, see Adding a loop.