Creating custom reports

If the default reports do not address your needs, you can create your own reports.

About this task

Before you create a custom report, determine the ways in which the custom report will be different from or similar to the system-supplied reports. You can use a default report as a template, modify the counters, and save it with a different name. You can create a copy of pages or charts in a report that are based out of existing pages or charts. To copy the pages or charts, go to the Edit view and click the Duplicate icon. Duplicate

You can also create a report from scratch and add the required counters. Counters for test protocol are explained in the topics in the Reports and counters section.
Note: If a counter has a lot of data, the graph is not represented properly. to ensure that the graph is displayed properly, you must filter out some of the data.


  1. From the report, click Menu Menu and click New.
  2. In Create a new report dialog box, specify a name and description about the new report and click Create.
  3. To change the page title, click the default page title and specify a different name.
  4. Click Click to insert a row and specify the number of columns to add the views. Each view represents a bar chart, line chart, or pie chart.
  5. Select a view. To add counters to the view, click Settings Settings.
  6. On the View Settings page, select a counter and add its details.
  7. Click Apply and from the Menu, click Save to save the report.
  8. To add more views to the report, repeat steps 4 through 7 again.