Customizing the appearance of report graphs

To display the data in a table, bar chart, or line chart in a manner that caters to your test requirements, use the controls that are available in the View Options of a report.


  1. In the Test Navigator, expand the project until you locate the run. Each run begins with the name of the schedule or test, and ends with the date of the run in brackets.
  2. Double-click the run. The default report opens.
  3. Click the Menu icon Menu and click the Edit icon.
  4. Click the Settings icon Settings for the graph or table to modify.
  5. The controls that are available in the View Options section depend on the graph type: bar chart, line chart, or table. For each graph type, only the applicable controls are displayed. You can adjust the following controls:
    Option Description
    Adapt Y Scale To compute minimum and maximum limit on the Y axis, select the check box. (all charts)
    Title Specify a title to the graph.
    Show title To hide the title, clear the check box.
    X Axis Main items Select the item to view on the X Axis.
    Stacked Items Select the item such as Pages or Time Ranges to view them in stack instead of separate bars.
    Adapt Y scale on zoomed data To adjust the Y scale according to zoomed data, select the check box. (line charts)
    Show time ranges To display the time range in the background of the chart, select the check box.
    Line smoothing To apply corners, clear the check box.
    Orientation To view bar charts horizontally or vertically, select an orientation.
    Labels display policy To hide the labels in a bar chart, select Hidden. To be able to accommodate labels within the frame of a bar chart, select Adaptative. If you select Fixed, long labels might not be visible.
    Time line visibility To view the time line of the chart in partial or full view, select Small or Full options. Drag the time line to create a new time range. If those options are specified, you can drag and create a new time range on the chart itself. If you select None, the time line is not visible and you cannot create a new time range on the chart.
  6. After making the changes, click Apply and from the Menu click Save. To apply the changes to other reports, you can export the report definition and import it back. See Exporting report metadata.