Exporting results to a CSV file

To further analyze test results, you can export all statistics or specific statistics captured during a run to a CSV file.

About this task

You can export a single run to a local directory or multiple runs in the compare mode to a directory. You can export the runs from Web Analytics report, workbench, and command line. To export from the workbench, select a single run or multiple runs and click Export > Test > Performance Test Run Statistics as CSV File. To export data of specific time ranges, on a subsequent page select a time range.

To export the run from command line, see the parameters in the Running a test from a command line topic.


  1. Open the test run to export.
  2. Click the Menu icon Menu, click the Share icon Share, and click Export Session to CSV.
  3. Select the encoding system for the export.
  4. Complete either one of the following steps:
    • To export only the last value of each counter from the results or to export data of specific time ranges, select Simple.
      Note: When you export data of specific time ranges, for example, 5 Users or 15 Users, a separate column is created in the CSV file for each time range.
      • To create multiple CSV files if the number of columns exceed the specified value, select the Split output if column exceeds check box and specify a value.
    • To export all of the data for the run, select Full.

      To include description about the name of the run, node name, and time range for each counter, select the Include per instance counters.

    • To export data of each location (agent) in a separate section in the CSV file, select the Export each agent separately

      To export data of each location (agent) to separate CSV files, select the One file per agent check box.

  5. Click Export. If you export from the workbench, the report is saved in the specified folder. If you export from an external browser, the report is downloaded in a compressed format to the default download location of the browser.

What to do next

You can now analyze and share the report with people who are not using the workbench.