Specifying counters in a graph

To gather additional information for diagnosing performance problems, you can change the counters that are displayed in a graph.

About this task

Counters are specific in-built queries that gather statistical information from the recorded test. The information could be the number of page hits, the response time, and user load. By default, each report has per-defined counters. You can choose to add or remove the counters from the graphs in the report.


  1. From the Test Navigator, double-click the run to modify.
  2. Open a report to add or remove a counter from and click the Menu icon Menu.
  3. Click the Edit icon.
  4. To modify counters on a specific graph, click Settings Settings icon.
  5. On the View Settings page, in the Counter List area, choose to add, delete, and move the counters in a graph. The Preview section displays the result of the actions.
  6. Click Apply.
  7. To save the changes, from the Menu click Save. To exit the edit mode, click the Edit icon. To create another report with these changes, click Save As.