Configuring the Rational Quality Manager adapter

Before running the tests from IBM® Rational® Quality Manager, you must configure the Rational Quality Manager adapter so that you can establish a successful connection.

Before you begin

To configure the Rational Quality Manager adapter, you must have the following information:
  • The URL of the Rational Quality Manager server.
  • A login and password to access a user account in Rational Quality Manager. This user account must exist in Rational Quality Manager with a Connector Client Access License. The user account must also be added to the project area being accessed by the adapter, with a role granting write permissions to the project. The default Test Team Member role is recommended.
For information about creating user accounts, see the Rational Quality Manager Knowledge Center.
Note: Before running a compound test or accelerated functional test that consume VU-Hours from Rational Quality Manager, add -Dhptcostconfirm and -DCMDLINE_PORT=999 to the eclipse.ini file. The eclipse.ini file is available at the product installation directory.


  1. In the test workbench, click Window > Preferences > Quality Manager Adapter.
    1. In Server URL, type the Rational Quality Manager server URL. Type the URL in the format https://server name:port number/context root where server name is the Rational Quality Manager server host name that you specified in the hosts file. For example, type https://RQM01:9443/qm.
      Note: If the Rational Quality Manager server is renamed, complete these steps:
      1. If you have an entry for the Rational Quality Manager server in the hosts file, update it with the new server name.
      2. Update the Server URL field with the new server name.
      3. Configure the adapter again to point to the new URL.
    2. In Adapter Name, type a unique name to identify the Rational Quality Manager adapter on this workstation. By default, the adapter uses the name of the computer.
    3. To connect the adapter to a project area other than the default Rational Quality Manager project, type the name of the project to connect to.
  2. In Authentication type, specify the authentication mode to connect to Rational Quality Manager.
    • User name and Password - Specify the user ID and password of the Rational Quality Manager user account.
    • Kerberos - Select the kerberos .ini file. The file is automatically created when you set up Kerberos. Typically, on Windows, the file would be located at c:\windows\krb5.ini. The file name and the location would change for different operating systems.
    • SSL Cert - From v9.1.0.1, specify the location of the SSL certificate keystore and the keystore password. The expected format of the keystore is p12. It should only contain the client certificate that the adapter should use when authenticating with Rational Quality Manager.
  3. Optional: To connect through a proxy computer, select the Enable Proxy check box and specify the host name, port number, user name, and password of the proxy computer.
  4. To connect by using the Kerberos authentication mode, select the Enable Kerberos check box and specify the Kerberos configuration file.
  5. Click OK to save the configuration.

What to do next

To connect to Rational Quality Manager, you can now start the adapter from the workbench, from command line, or as a Windows service.
Note: To run Web UI tests for HCL OneTest™ UI from Rational Quality Manager, you must start the adapter either from the workbench or from command line.