Importing test assets into Rational Quality Manager

With the adapter, you can import the performance, service, and functional tests into Rational® Quality Manager.

Before you begin

Before importing test assets into Rational Quality Manager, the adapter must be running on a computer where the test assets are located.


  1. Log in to Rational Quality Manager, and click Construction > Import Test Scripts.
  2. In Script Type, select one of the following test scripts:
    1. Select Rational Performance Tester to import a performance test or schedule from HCL OneTest™ Performance.
    2. Select Service Test to import a service test from Rational Service Tester for SOA Quality
    3. Select Rational Functional Tester to import a functional test from HCL OneTest UI
    4. Select Rational Test Workbench to import a Web UI test from HCL OneTest UI or import a test from HCL OneTest Studio.
    Note: The names of script types, Rational Performance Tester, Rational Functional Tester, and Rational Test Workbench, are compatible with HCL OneTest Performance, HCL OneTest UI, and HCL OneTest Studio products.
  3. Select Use test resources that are local to a test machine, and click Select Adapter.
  4. Select the computer on which the adapter is running, and click Next.
  5. In Project Path, type the name of the project, and click Go. You must specify only the project name and not the entire path to the project.
  6. Select the test assets that to import, and click Finish.
  7. Select the test assets to import again and click Import. The test scripts are imported to Rational Quality Manager.

What to do next

See the Rational Quality Manager Knowledge Center for more information about importing test scripts.