Starting and stopping the Rational Quality Manager adapter from the command line

You can use the command line interface to connect, disconnect, and view adapter activities from the test workbench.

Before you begin

Configure the adapter in the test workbench. See Configuring the Rational Quality Manager adapter.
Configure the adapter workspace directory in the following manner:
  1. Locate the adapter.config file in the directory, where product_install_dir is the directory where the test workbench is installed, for example, C:\Program Files\HCL\HCLOneTest.
  2. Edit the WORKSPACE_DIR variable in the adapter.config file to point to the same test workspace that you want the adapter to use, for example: WORKSPACE_DIR= C:\Documents and Settings\username\IBM\rationalsdp\my_adapter_workspaceWORKSPACE_DIR= C:\Documents and Settings\username\HCL\HCLOneTest\my_adapter_workspace.
Note: If the Use resources that are local to a test machine option is set in IBM Rational Quality Manager, the WORKSPACE_DIR should also be set to the same workspace where your test assets are located.

About this task

When running from the command line, adapter activities are printed to the product_install_dir\RPT-RST_RQMAdapter\logs\adapter.log file. To print the current status of the adapter, navigate to the product_install_dir\HOT-PERF_RQMAdapter\bin\ directory, where product_install_dir is the workbench installation directory, and enter this command: RQMAdapter.bat STATUS.
Note: Do not use the workbench while the adapter is running. Doing so might interfere with the ability of the adapter to run test scripts. Stop the adapter before you open the workbench.


  1. Open a command-line window, and navigate to the product_install_dir\HOT-PERF_RQMAdapter\bin\ directory , where product_install_dir is the directory where the test workbench is installed, for example: C:\Program Files\HCL\HCLOneTest.
  2. To start the adapter from the command line, run the adapter command:
    • In Windows, type: RQMAdapter.bat START
    • In Linux, type: START
  3. To stop the adapter from the command line, run one of these adapter commands:
    • In Windows, type: RQMAdapter.bat STOP
    • In Linux, type: STOP