Starting and stopping the Rational Quality Manager adapter in the workbench

You can use the Quality Manager Adapter view to connect, disconnect, and view adapter activities from the test workbench.

Before you begin

Note: The term test workbench refers to either HCL OneTest™ Performance, Rational® Service Tester for SOA Quality, or HCL OneTest Studio.
Before running the Rational Quality Manager adapter, you must configure the test workbench and the adapter.

About this task

In GUI mode you can use the Quality Manager Adapter view to start, stop, and view adapter activities. In GUI mode, when a script is run from Rational Quality Manager, you see the test running inside the test workbench as though the test were run manually in a test workbench.

Push buttons to connect and disconnect to the Rational Quality Manager server are located in the upper-right corner of this view. This view also has a local preferences menu that you can use to control some behavior of the GUI mode adapter. If you see errors or warnings, use the Error Log view for further investigation.

Note: Do not use the workbench while the adapter is running. Doing so might interfere with the ability of the adapter to run test scripts. Stop the adapter before opening the workbench.


  1. On the test workbench, click Window > Show View > Quality Manager Adapter to open the Quality Manager Adapter view.
  2. To start the adapter, click Connect to RQM.
  3. To stop the adapter, click Disconnect from RQM.