Starting and stopping the Rational Quality Manager adapter as a Windows service

You can use the Windows service to connect, disconnect, and view adapter activities from the test workbench.

Before you begin

Configure the adapter in the test workbench. See Configuring the Rational Quality Manager adapter.

The adapter service for Windows requires the computer to have Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.x or later.

Configure the adapter workspace directory in the following manner:
  1. Locate the adapter.config file in the directory, where product_install_dir is the directory where the test workbench is installed, for example, C:\Program Files\HCL\HCLOneTest.
  2. Edit the WORKSPACE_DIR variable in the adapter.config file to point to the same test workspace that you want the adapter to use, for example: WORKSPACE_DIR= C:\Documents and Settings\username\IBM\rationalsdp\my_adapter_workspaceWORKSPACE_DIR= C:\Documents and Settings\username\HCL\HCLOneTest\my_adapter_workspace.
Note: If the Use resources that are local to a test machine option is set in IBM Rational Quality Manager, the WORKSPACE_DIR should also be set to the same workspace where your test assets are located.

About this task

When you install the test workbench, you also install the adapter as a Windows service. By default, the service is set to start manually.

HCL adapter for RQM
  • When the adapter is started as a service, the Web UI tests of HCL OneTest™ Studio cannot be run from IBM Rational Quality Manager.
  • Do not open the test workbench in the same workspace while the adapter is running as a Windows service. Doing so might interfere with the ability of the adapter to run test scripts. Stop the adapter before you open the workbench in the configured workspace.


  1. Open the Windows service manager.
  2. To start the service, right-click HCL OneTest Performance adapter for RQM and click Start. The adapter is same for HCL OneTest Studio and HCL OneTest Performance.
  3. To stop the service, right-click HCL OneTest Performance adapter for RQM and click Stop.

What to do next

Optionally, you can configure the service to start automatically by right-clicking the adapter listing, selecting Properties, and selecting Automatic as the startup type. With this setting, the adapter can start automatically when the computer restarts, without requiring a user to log in.

When running the adapter as a service, status is printed to the file. You can also print the status by navigating to the install_dir\HOT-PERF_RQMAdapter\bin\ directory, and entering this command: RQMAdapter.bat STATUS.