Test log overview

The test log contains a historical record of events that occurred during a test run or a schedule run, as well as the status of each verification point.

About this task

The test log sets a verdict for each run as follows:
  • Pass indicates that all verification points matched or received the expected response and all the test steps successfully completed. A verification point is set to PASS when the recorded/expected property value is received during playback. A Web UI test step is set to PASS when it has been executed successfully on the specified UI object.
  • Fail indicates that at least one verification point did not match the expected response or that the expected response was not received or a Web UI step did not run successfully.
  • Error indicates one of the following results: a primary request was not successfully sent to the server, no response was received from the server for a primary request, or the primary request response was incomplete or could not be parsed.
  • The verdict is set to Inconclusive only if you provide custom code that defines a verdict of Inconclusive.
The verdict is rolled up from the child elements to the test level. For example, if a user group contains 25 virtual users, and five virtual users have failed verdicts, that user group has only one failed verdict, not five.