Adding web applications to HCL OneTest UI

To test web applications from your Android or iOS devices or emulators, you must first add them to HCL OneTest™ UI, at which point, the application also becomes viewable in the Mobile test client.


  1. Optional: Connect a mobile test client to HCL OneTest UI. See Configuring the mobile test client.
  2. To open the Mobile and Web UI Applications editor, click the Display available mobile and Web UI applications icon Display available mobile applications or open an existing application from the Test Navigator view.
  3. On the Mobile and Web UI Applications editor toolbar, click the Add web application to list icon Add web application to list.
  4. Choose to add a new or an existing application:
    • To add a new web application, complete the following steps:
      • In the Address field, type the URL of the web application.
      • In the App Context field, type the context root of the web application.
    • To add an existing managed application, complete the following steps:
      • Click From existing Managed App resource and click the Browse button.
      • Select a managed application and click OK. You must have created a managed application and added it to your project workspace.
  5. Optional: In Application description, type a description of the web application.
  6. Click Next. Ensure that the file name is correct and it is associated with an appropriate project.
  7. Click Finish.
  8. Verify that the web application is available on your mobile device.
    1. Open the mobile test client in a browser by typing the workbench URL.
    2. Tap Manage Web Applications.
    The web app that you added should now be listed.

What to do next

You can now record a test for the web applications. To record a test on an iOS device, you must first install the mobile web recorder from the Apple Store. On Android devices, the first time you tap Manage web applications you are asked to confirm that you want the mobile web recorder to be installed. The application is then installed automatically and you can record a test.