Configuring the iOS mobile test client on the iOS Simulator

To upload recordings and run tests from the mobile test client, the mobile test client must be connected to the test workbench.

Before you begin

Both the mobile test client and the test workbench must be installed and able to communicate with each other.

About this task

If the mobile test client is connected to the test workbench, the recording is automatically uploaded to the test workbench after recording the app on the device. You can then generate and edit the test in the test workbench.


  1. In the iOS mobile test client, tap Configure Workbench > Address.
  2. Type the Workbench URL and tap OK.
    Note: To get the workbench URL, click the Workbench URL icon in the test workbench. If the device fails to connect using the first URL in the list, try an alternate URL.