Managing logs for Android mobile test client

To debug issues that occur in the HCL OneTest Studio Mobile Client, the logs store all type of messages in the mobile test client. By default, the error and warning messages are stored. You can also set the log level to store the information messages.

About this task

The logs are stored in the mobile device or on an emulator. By default, the log data is stored until the mobile test client is running at a particular session. You can manage the logs in the following ways:
  • Set the number of messages to be logged
  • Set the type of messages to be logged
  • Store all the logs
  • Capture the recording actions
You can also upload the logs to the test workbench. For more information about uploading logs, see Uploading logs to workbench.


To manage logs:

  1. In the HCL OneTest Studio Mobile Client, tap the dropdown arrow menu and tap Settings.
  2. In the settings, complete any of the following steps:
    • To set the number of messages to be logged, in Log Size, drag the slider.
    • To select the type of messages to be logged, in Filter log messages, drag the slider. By default, Fatal, Error, and Warning messages are logged. You can log Information, Debug, and Trace messages as well.
    • To store the logs, tap the Persist log check box. If this check box is selected, logs of the mobile test client are stored in the disk of the mobile device.
      Note: Consumption of the large amount of disk space might reduce the speed of the device.