Viewing mobile reports

You can choose to view the test reports on the mobile device or on the test workbench. On a device, only the live report is displayed. The test workbench shows live report, functional report, statistical report, and the Test Log.

About this task

Note: To view a functional report, you must manually generate it. To generate a functional report, in the Test Navigator view, right-click a report in the Results folder and click Generate Functional Test Reports; then specify a name and project, select Common Functional Test Report, and click Finish.


Choose one of the following steps:

  1. To view the test reports from the HCL OneTest Studio Mobile Client device, emulator, or simulator:
    1. Open the mobile test client and tap Manage Web Applications for a test from a web app.
    2. Select the app for which you want to view the results.
    3. Tap a test suite name and then tap Reports tab button.
  2. To view the test reports from the test workbench:
    1. From the Test Navigator, expand the project folder and double-click the test reports. Each report begins with the name of the test, and ends with the timestamp of the run in brackets. Depending on how you executed a test, the results are stored in the appropriate folder. When running the test from the mobile device or emulator, the results are in the Mobile Results Mobile Results folder. When tests are run from the workbench, the results are in the ResultsResults folder. Note that these are two separate folders within the logical view of the Test Navigator. Click Logical view to open the logical view.

      The Mobile Results folder contains only live reports. The Results folder contains both live, functional, and statistical reports. The Step Performance tab of a statistical report displays the performance of each step recorded in a test.