Adding user actions in a test

You can add user actions in a test script from the test editor for Android, iOS, or Web UI applications. User actions are actions such as click, swipe, tap, and touch on mobile devices. These actions help you navigate around the application. After you record a script, you might decide to add new user actions in the script such as swiping right with one touch on a view.

Before you begin

Create a test from a recording and open the test script in the test editor.

About this task

You can create user actions in tests that are created from Android, iOS, hybrid or Web UI applications. The graphic object and the object's action are different for iOS, Android and Web UI applications.


  1. In HCL OneTest™ UI, open a test script and in the Test Contents area select a step.
  2. Click Insert and select User action for Android, iOS or WebUI, depending on the target application. Or right-click the selected step and click Insert > User action.

    Insert user action

    A user action is added to the test script just before the selected step. The new user action is listed as an error until you select a Graphic object.

  3. In the User Action Details section, select a Graphic object, such as View and then an Object's Action, such as Click.

    User Action Details

    The choices available in the Object's Action list are dependent on the object selected. Other artifacts are optional. The values available in the mandatory fields are different for Web UI apps and Android or iOS apps.

  4. Save the test.