Adding user actions in a test from the Mobile and Web UI Data view

The Mobile and Web UI Data view offers graphical and hierarchical views of the current step in a test. It also displays a table of properties associated with a selected object. You can also use this view to quickly create user actions, adding steps to the test using the selected graphical elements.

Before you begin

You must have created a test from a recording and have the test script open in the test editor.

About this task

You can add actions for any of the widgets in the Mobile and Web UI Data view.


To add a user action in a test from the Mobile and Web UI Data view:

  1. In the Test Contents area of the test editor, click an action item.
  2. In the Screen capture view, select a graphical object or the corresponding element in the hierarchical list Elements, and then right-click and select Add user action for this element In the test editor, a step is added just before the current selected node.
  3. In the Test Element Details section, select a value for the action of the object. An easier method is to drag an object in the Screen capture view, and drop it in the test script.
  4. Save the test.