Installing the Android client manually

To record and run tests from your Android mobile device, you must install the Android mobile test client on the device. This topic describes how to download the installer in order to install the client on the device. Refer to other installation topics if you are running Android on a virtual machine or emulator.

Before you begin

The mobile device must support Android version 2.2 or later.

The mobile device must be able to establish a connection to the computer where the test workbench is running. You can use a wifi connection, a cellular data connection, or in v8.7 and later, a USB connection. For more details about establishing a USB connection, see Installing and configuring the Android client with the USB Controller

The device must be allowed to install apps from any sources. To enable this option on the device, depending on the version of Android, tap Settings > Applications > Unknown sources or Settings > Security > Unknown sources. Tap this option. Otherwise, you can use the following method Installing the Android client with the Android Debug Bridge (adb).


To install the mobile test client on the device:

  1. In the Web UI Test perspective, click File > New > Other > Test > Add Device. A window displays a list of workbench URLs and a QR code that contains the selected URL.
  2. Depending on the mobile device, perform one of the following steps:
    • If the mobile device is equipped with a camera and a QR code reading app, then run the QR code app and flash the QR code that is displayed on the workbench screen.
    • If the mobile device cannot flash a QR code, open the web browser and go to the URL that is displayed on the workbench screen.
    The mobile device displays a web page with the download link for the mobile test client.
  3. In the mobile web browser, tap the link to download the mobile test client installer. A notification is displayed when the download is completed. Open the notification and select the downloaded file, tap Install to install it.
  4. If the mobile test client does not install automatically, use a file manager app to locate the APK installer file (usually in the Downloads folder) and run the installer manually.

What to do next

After installing the mobile test client, configure and connect the device to the test workbench. See Configuring the mobile test client for Android.