Running tests from the iOS mobile test client

You can run a mobile test from an iOS simulator or device.

Before you begin

  • You must have recorded and generated a test as described in Recording tests from the iOS mobile test client .
  • The mobile test client must be running on an iOS device or simulator and be connected to HCL OneTest™ UI. If you do your testing on a simulator or device using the browser-based client, you must type the Workbench URL in the Safari or Chrome browser on your device, or in the Safari browser on your simulator to run the client:


    Read the Testing Web applications on iOS Simulators: overview for more details.

  • IBM® Rational® Test Workbench mobile web recorder must be installed on the device or simulator prior to recording web applications.

About this task

With the mobile test client for iOS, you can play back all actions on the user interface and GPS locations.
Restriction: You can record a test on a device, for example on a iPhone and run the test on another type of device, for example on an iPad, only if the application under test is the same for both type of devices.


To run a test from the iOS device or simulator:

  1. On your device or simulator, tap Manage web applications for testing a web application. Then, tap the application under test.
  2. You can see the list of tests available for the app that shows up, tap the test name.
  3. The device or simulator displays details on the recording and the test suite. Tap Run Test. The test is run on the device or simulator. Do not interact with the simulator or device until the test is complete.
  4. When playback is complete, the mobile test client is launched.

What to do next

A report is automatically uploaded to HCL OneTest UI. You can view the report in the mobile test client.

You can now evaluate the test results. For more information, see Evaluate results.