Working with Selenium or Appium tests

You can manage your Selenium or Appium Java™ tests from the Web UI Test perspective, where you can import and modify the tests, add them to compound tests, and run them. Starting with, you can also create new Appium Java tests from the Perfecto perspective on Windows and Mac OS, add the tests to compound tests, and run them. Perfecto is not currently supported on Linux.

Supported tests: Java-based Selenium scripts, such as JUnit 3 and 4, and Java main programs.

Selenium tests are run on desktop browsers, while Appium tests are used for web or native applications that run on mobile devices.
Note: You can find more information on the Appium site.
JUnit Appium tests can be run in a Appium framework or in a Perfecto cloud environment.
  • To run Appium tests in a Appium framework, the Extension for Selenium/Appium tests must be installed with HCL OneTest™ UI on the same machine. The Extension for Appium is delivered from version of the product. The Appium server must be previously set up on a machine. You need to reference the server URL in the tests to establish a connection between the workbench and the Appium server. When you run the test from HCL OneTest UI, the requests are sent to the server and executed on the device that is connected to the machine where the server is running. The Appium server can be installed with HCL OneTest UI on the same computer for a local execution of the test.
  • To run Appium tests on a cloud Perfecto environment from HCL OneTest UI, the HCL OneTest UI Extension for Perfecto Mobile must be installed on the same machine. This extension is available from version 9.1.1 of the product. The test must reference the URL to the cloud, your credentials, the name and version of the device. When you run the test from the workbench, the requests are sent to the server and executed on the virtual device.
When you use HCL OneTest UI to manage Selenium or Appium tests, you can do the following operations:
  • Create new Appium Java tests using the HCL OneTest UI Perfecto extension
  • Import Java projects containing Selenium or Appium tests into the product
  • Add Selenium or Appium tests to Test Workbench projects
  • Add Selenium or Appium tests into larger workflows containing other tests such as performance tests. Such larger workflows are called compound tests.
  • View and modify Selenium and Appium tests
  • Run Selenium or Appium tests from the Test Navigator
  • Run compound tests that contain Selenium or Appium tests
  • View test logs