Mobile and Web UI live report

When you initiate a test run, the Test Execution perspective displays the Mobile and Web UI report. This report shows the status of each step that is being currently running on the browser. After the test run completes, the Mobile and Web UI Report shows up in a new tab.

The report is stored in the Results folder. If a test script includes many steps or if a test is run on multiple browsers simultaneously, navigating the errors in the Mobile and Web UI report is cumbersome. Now, the test header shows the browser name and version the test was run and the steps that failed against the browser. You can also navigate from one error to another by clicking the red color arrow shaped icons. The blue color arrow shaped icons are used to reach to the header of the test.

Mobile and Web UI Report
Web UI report

If you chose to run the test on multiple browsers in parallel, the report lists each browser on which the test was run:

Mobile and Web UI Report show multi browsers