Properties of Steps

Set the properties of steps to run the tests.

Input properties for the test run step

Input properties
Name Type Description Required
Config File String The complete path to a file that contains the parameters for a test or schedule run. No
Custom Report Format Files String A comma-separated list of absolute paths to custom report format files (.view files)to use when exporting statistical report data with the-exportstatsoption. No
Exported HTTP Test log File String The complete path to a file in which to store the exported HTTP test log. No
Exported Statistical Report Data File String The complete path to the directory in which to store exported statistical report data. No
Installation Manager Shared Location String Complete path to IBM® Installation Manager Shared location. By default, on Windows, this is at C:\Program Files\HCL\HCLIMShared\ Yes
Number of Virtual Users String Overrides the default number of virtual users in the run. For a schedule, the default is the number of users specified in the schedule editor. For a test, the default is one user. This option creates a new copy of the schedule that contains the specified number of users. No
Overwrite Results file Boolean Determines whether a results file with the same name is overwritten. The default value,true, means that the results file is overwritten. No
Project String The path, including the file name,of the project relative to workspace. Yes
Quiet Boolean Turns off any message output from the launcher and returns to the command shell whenthe run or the attempt is complete. No
Results File String The name of the results file. The default result file is the test or schedule namewith a time stamp appended. No
Test Suite Name String The path, including the file name, of the test to run relative to the project. A test can be WebUI test, Compound test, Performance Schedule or Accelerated Functional Test. To run multiple tests sequentially, specify test names separated by comma.
Note: To know more about creating an accelerated functional test asset, see Creating accelerated functional test asset.
User Comments String Add text within double quotation mark to display it in the User Comments row of the report. No
VM Args String Java virtual machine arguments to pass in. No
Protocol Input String Optional. You can use this argument to run a web UI test in parallel on different browsers.

-protocolinput ""

-protocolinput ",ff,ie"

Note: If you use the -protocolinput argument, you must not use the equivalent -vmargs arguments:
-vmargs ""
-vmargs ",browswer2,browser3"
Var File String The complete path to the XML file that contains the variable name and value pairs. No
Workspace String Complete path to Eclipse workspace. No