Adding a transaction

A transaction is a business scenario in the application under test such as logging in, checking out a product, or making a payment. It is a logical grouping of certain UI actions. You add a transaction to the test to check the performance for the entire transaction rather than each UI action in the transaction.

About this task

You can add a transaction only for the Launch App or In App nodes. So, if you have a bunch of steps that justifies a transaction, split them from the rest of the steps to add a transaction.


  1. In the Test Navigator, browse to the test and double-click it. The test opens.
  2. In the test editor, select one or more steps in the test script for splitting into one or more application nodes.
  3. Right-click the selected steps, and then select Split Mobile actions or Web UI actions.
  4. In the refactoring dialog box that opens, click Split and create containers. Ensure that Transaction is selected.
    Refactoring test to split mobile and web UI actions dialog box
  5. To add a transaction only for the selected steps, select the Create containers for selected nodes only option.
  6. To add a transaction for all the nodes (Launch App and In App) in the test, select the Create containers for all group of nodes option.
  7. Click Finish. The group of steps are nested in the In App node which is also nested in a Transaction.

What to do next

After the test run completes, to view the Transaction report, in the Statistical report tab, select Transaction Report. To view information about each report, click the help icon.