Inserting browser navigation actions in a Web UI test

While editing a Web UI test, you can add or insert browser navigation actions, such as Back, Forward, Close, Maximize, Refresh, Restore, GoToUrl, and several others.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have created a Web UI test from a recording and have the test script open in the test editor.


  1. Open a Web UI test script and in the Test Contents area, click in the launch app node where you want the navigation action to be inserted.
  2. Click the Insert button and select Navigation action (Web). Another way is to right-click the selection or click Options and Insert in the test editor to select the menu item.
  3. In the Test Element Details section, select an item in the list of object’s actions. You can also enter a value for the timeout. The new navigation action is inserted before the script item you had initially selected in the launch node.
  4. Save the test.