Using the Go To URL action to launch another web application

You can use the Go to URL action to add a step that launches a new web application. This action inserts a new URL into the address field of a browser window and thus redirects playback to another web application.


  1. In HCL OneTest™ UI, open a Web UI test script, and in the Test Contents area, click where the navigation action is to be inserted.
  2. Click Insert and select Navigation action (Web).

    The new navigation action, which is displayed initially as Error: select an action, is inserted before the step you had initially selected.

    New navigation action

  3. In the User Action Details section, select goToUrl in the list of Object’s actions, and enter the URL for the web application in the Value field.

    GoToURL inserted

    The error in the test is replaced by the user action Go to URL. You can also enter a value for the timeout.
  4. Optional: Move the new navigation action Up or Down in the test script.
  5. Save the test and run it to verify the Go to URL action.


After adding the Go to URL user action, you can insert additional browser navigation actions to do things such as maximize, refresh, and restore the browser window during playback.