Enabling Apple Safari for Web UI playing back on a Macintosh computer

To record and play back tests with Apple Safari, you must enable the Safari browser for Web UI. To enable this, you must install Web UI extension for the Safari browser. The WebDriver extension technology comes bundled with Safari.

About this task

Before recording and playing back Web UI tests in Safari, make sure you enable Remote Automation in the Safari browser.
To allow remote automation in Safari, you must turn on WebDriver support:
  1. To enable the Develop menu in the Safari browser, click Safari > Preferences > Advanced tab. Select the Show Develop Menu check box. The Develop menu appears in the menu bar.
  2. To enable Remote Automation, click Develop > Allow Remote Automation in the menu bar.
  3. Authorize safaridriver to launch the webdriverd service that hosts the local web server. To permit this, run /usr/bin/safaridriver once manually and complete the authentication prompt.
  • The extension added in the Safari browser gets expired once you quit the Safari browser. You must add the extension again to enable the Safari browser for recording the tests.


  1. Install the Web UI extension for the Apple Safari web browser. The method of installation may vary based on the browser version.
    1. To install the extension in Safari 11 or earlier, follow these steps:
      1. Navigate to the WebUISafariExtension folder within the shared installation directory. For example, <IMShared>/plugins/com.ibm.rational.test.rtw.webgui.browextension.safari_<version string>/WebUISafariExtension.
      2. To install the extension, double click WebUISafariExtension.safariextz
    2. To install the extension in Safari 12, follow these steps:
      1. In the Develop menu, click Extension Builder.
      2. In the Extension Builder dialog, click the plus icon and click Add Extension.
      3. Navigate to the WebUISafari12.safariextension folder within the shared installation directory. For example, <IMShared>/plugins/com.ibm.rational.test.rtw.webgui.browextension.safari_<version string>/WebUISafari12.safariextension. Click Select. After the extension gets added, click the Run button.
  2. Verify that the extensions are properly installed and enabled in the browser. To verify, follow these steps:
    1. Open the Safari browser.
    2. Click Safari > Preferences > Extensions.

What to do next

You can now record or run a Web UI test.