Generating Functional Test Report

To create an HTML report that can be printed or used outside of the workbench, generate a functional test report. The functional test report shows the verdicts for the test and for each step of the test. Functional reports are generated from the test run as HTML files that use predefined report designs.


To generate a report:

  1. In the Test navigator view, right-click a test run and click Generate Functional Test Report.
  2. Select a project to store the report, specify a name, and click Next.
  3. Select one of the following report templates and click Finish:
    1. To generate a report for Web UI tests, click Web UI reports (XSL).
    2. To generate a report for Selenium tests, click Selenium reports (XSL).
    3. To generate a report for a HCL OneTest™ UI test that is part of a compound test, click Functional GUI reports (XSL).


The report is displayed in the new tab. If you close the tab, you have to generate the report again.