Recording a test with Google Chrome Device Mode

You can use the Google Chrome Device Mode feature to emulate tests of web apps on mobile devices.

About this task

You can use the Device Mode feature in Chrome Developer Tools to configure Chrome to behave as though it were running on a particular mobile device. Then, when you record a Web UI test, the test is recorded as though it were recorded on that device. Later, when you run the test, the test runs as though it were running on that device.


  1. Start a new Web UI recording with the Google Chrome browser. Alternatively, plan to record with an already-running instance of Chrome. For more information see Running a Web UI test and Recording a Web UI test by using a running browser instance.
  2. In Chrome, configure the Chrome Device Mode feature to emulate a particular mobile device.
    1. Open Chrome Developer Tools by clicking the menu in the upper-right corner in Chrome and clicking More Tools > Developer Tools.

      Developer tools menu

      You can also open Chrome Developer Tools by pressing the Cntl+Shift+I keys or the F12 key (Windows only).

    2. Click the Toggle device toolbar button.

      Toggle device toolbar

    3. Select the device that you want to emulate from the Responsive menu, for example, iPhone 6. Keep the zoom level set to 100%.

      Responsive menu

  3. Load the web application under test to allow it to adjust and perform according to the device mode selection.
  4. Continue to record the test as described in the topics referenced in Step 1.