Using a specific browser profile during playback

By default, when you play back a test, a temporary browser profile is created. This browser profile is used by the test. To use a specific browser profile, which includes the extensions and settings to use for the test, create a separate browser profile and specify the path before playing back a test.

About this task

You can specify an alternate browser profile path only for the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. To create a browser profile, see that browser's documentation. For Firefox, see the Use the Profile Manager to create and remove Firefox profiles page. For Chrome, see the Create a new browser user profile page. Note that the URL might change in the future.

The alternate browser profile is used when you run the test from the workbench, command line, UrbanCode Deploy, and IBM® Rational® Quality Manager.
Note: If the test script modifies the Firefox browser profile during the test run, the profile goes back to the default state after the run completes. The Chrome browser persists the changes that occurred during the test run. The difference in behavior is due to the way each browser handles a profile.


To specify the browser profile path for test playback:

  1. Click Window > Preferences > Test > Test Execution > Web UI Playback.
  2. In the Browser Profile section, for a browser, click Browse and specify the path to the browser profile.