Updating a test with the self-healing feature

From HCL OneTest™ UI V10.0.0, your Web UI tests can be self-healed, and it also applies to compound tests from V10.0.1. You just have to select an option when you run your test and no more action is needed. Data is collected during the test run and test steps are automatically updated at the end of the test execution.

About this task

This task must be performed from the Web UI Test perspective. The self-healing feature applies to Web UI tests and compound tests.


  1. Open your test in the Test editor, and click Run.
  2. To enable guided healing feature, select Collect data to update test steps in the Run configuration dialog box.
  3. To enable automatic updating of the test, click Automatically update the test after the end of the execution and click Finish.
    Guided Healing and automatic update options are selected


The test is updated and can be run with no failures.