Extension for Terminal-based Applications states

HCL OneTest™ UI tracks the state of Extension for Terminal-based Applications sessions as you record a script and interact with the host session. To determine the state of the session, HCL OneTest UI checks whether the host session has focus. If the host session does not have focus, it waits for 0.5 second to see whether it gains focus. If the host session does not gain focus during that time, it returns the focus state to the frame. If the host session does have focus after the wait, HCL OneTest UI queries the synchronization code for the state of the terminal.

Extension for Terminal-based Applications session has one of the following three states:

Table 1. Session states
State Description
UNINITIALIZED The host window is not ready for interaction, because it is still updating, changing, or loading.
LOADED The host window has finished updating, but the operator information area (OIA) is locked, usually because of invalid input.
READY The host window is ready for interaction, has finished updating, and the OIA is unlocked.

The synchronization code determines the state based on synchronization algorithms. The algorithm depends upon the connection type.