Row property verification points

You can create row property verification points to test a row in your application. When you record the verification point, a baseline of the row is created. Every time you play back the script, the row is compared to check if any changes have occurred. This helps in identifying any mismatch in rows.
Table 1 shows the properties, descriptions, and default values of row property verification points.
Table 1. Properties for row property verification points
Property Description Default value
char Specifies the text of the current row.  
class Specifies the class of the row.
length Specifies the length of the row.  
rowEnd Specifies the last pixel position of the row.  
rowStart Specifies the first pixel position of the row.  
screenCols Specifies the number of columns in the screen.  
screenRows Specify the number of rows in the screen.  
startRow Specifies the current row.  
updatedLength Specifies the length of the row.